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Ahead of The Curve

Imagine trying to get your car washed when the outside temperature is hovering around 10 degrees!  Soon that dilemma will disappear when Diamond’s Anchorage Airport Parking opens it’s new touch less, high tech car wash.

“We are installing a dual heating system below and above ground” notes Mike Neely, Regional Vice President for Diamond Parking Alaska.  Mr. Neely explains that heat will radiate underground keeping the concrete slabs from freezing.  Inside the car wash, a second system will keep the temperature comfortable and constant.  Another feature will be high- speed nozzles to spray away winter’s dirt and grime.

“Drivers will approach the entry, doors will open then close behind them.  When the wash cycle is completed, drivers will exit.  “The touch less feature is extremely important in our winters where the temperatures often drop to near zero ” says Mr. Neely.

The new car wash will operate 24/7 and is scheduled for completion at summers end. Just another example of how Diamond Parking continues to set the standard for innovation in the parking industry.