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We are building owners too!

Diamond Parking is excited to explain how we set ourselves apart from our competition through customer service and flexibility.  Plus, when it comes to managing our client’s parking lots- we get it- we are commercial and residential building owners too and we know how much time and effort goes into a project to make it thrive. (continue)


Anatomy of Customer Service

Business leaders like Diamond Parking’s Tom Malone, Michael-Paul Cummings, Annie Vargas, Todd Saville and Ray Geringer discuss what customer service means to them and how they execute great customer service internally and externally. (continued)


Teamwork Achieves Success

Diamond Parking’s business success is directly attributed to teamwork across all our cities. Hear how a few of them have developed their team into a well-oiled machine.(continued)


Branding Across Borders

Diamond Parking has had some success in the US.  In 1995 Diamond Parking made the decision to open in Canada, hear about how some of our great leaders made it happen. (continued)


Diamond Celebrates Myron Spiegel

Diamond Parking celebrates their Director of Parking Operations, Myron Spiegel, who is retiring after 14 years. Myron will continue to be involved in special projects on a part-time basis. (continued)


Supporting the Community

Diamond Parking Team Members get involved in their communities by attending events, supporting non-profits and even adopting a highway! (continued)


Washington State’s King County Partnership

King County Metro and Diamond Parking partner to sell monthly parking spaces near popular transit lines as traditional free park-and-ride lots overflow.  (continued)


Spokane- Near Nature, Near Perfect

Discover the growth in Spokane, Washington State’s second largest city. Diamond Parking opened its surface lot in Spokane in the mid 60’s.  Dan Geiger, Regional VP & Andrea Pierce, Regional VP of Ops explain how it’s changed. (continued)


Diamond Parking Celebrates 95 Years!

2017 marks the 95th year as a family owned business for Diamond Parking.  So much has changed over the last 9 decades, but, the core values at Diamond Parking still exist and are practiced at every opportunity.  Diamond Parking held their annual Real Estate and Operations Seminar in beautiful Palm Springs, California, and gave out some prestigious awards.  (continued)


Spring in Spokane, WA

Dan Geiger and Andrea Pierce discuss the diverse, well-rounded and growing city of Spokane, WA and describe how Diamond Parking has fit in over the past 50 years.  Also- discover what our Self-Storage Managers took away from the “2017 Inside Self-Storage World Expo” that was held in Las Vegas, NV.  (continued)