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Diamond Parking Celebrates 95 Years!

2017 marks the 95th year as a family owned business for Diamond Parking.  So much has changed over the last 9 decades, but, the core values at Diamond Parking still exist and are practiced at every opportunity.  Diamond Parking held their annual Real Estate and Operations Seminar in beautiful Palm Springs, California, and gave out some prestigious awards.  (continued)


Spring in Spokane, WA

Dan Geiger and Andrea Pierce discuss the diverse, well-rounded and growing city of Spokane, WA and describe how Diamond Parking has fit in over the past 50 years.  Also- discover what our Self-Storage Managers took away from the “2017 Inside Self-Storage World Expo” that was held in Las Vegas, NV.  (continued)


Eureka! Diamond Parking in California

Many California residents don’t have it easy when it comes to things like parking and traffic, and with continued growth on the horizon, things aren’t looking to get any easier.  That’s why Diamond Parking employs some of the hardest working and innovative teams to try to help find parking solutions.  One commonality, they attribute their success to having a great team in place and working together.   (continued)


It Takes a Team

Our Vancouver- BC team clearly demonstrates the value of team. We are able to combine the talents of several different team members to collaborate on developing strategies with a common goal. (continued Summer 2016)


Cashless in Seattle

Seattle Self-Park Operations went totally cashless in November of 2015. Customers can pay for parking using their mobile phones without ever leaving the comfort and security of their vehicles. (continued Spring 2016)


Driving Relationships in 2016!

Diamond Parking’s Annual Seminar was held in Reno, Nevada at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.  This year Diamond Managers shared best practices on how they Drive Relationships with clients, vendors and team members and the important role those relationships have on our success.  Check out a list of this years award winners.  Also in this issue read about how a Diamond team member, Mohamed Moalim is getting involved with his community and doing his part to help the environment.(continued)


Team Power

Seattle Self Parking City Manager Joe Koontz and his Operations Manager Paul Myhre and Area Supervisor David Stansfield exemplify the essence of Diamond’s Team approach. Their combined efforts not only produce superior results, but also build a sense of solidarity and success that spreads to all their employees.  Find out why this is so important.  (continued)



Ahead of the Curve

Bob Duprie — West of Seattle, across Puget Sound, the cities of Bremerton and Bainbridge Island have played an important role in the security of the nation since the late 1900’s. In Bremerton, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) was originally established in 1891 as a Naval Station and was designated Navy Yard Puget Sound in 1901. The Shipyard is proud of its history as a naval presence on the West Coast. Many of the 12,000 shipyard workers who live in the Bainbridge Island/Bremerton area or commute from Seattle via ferry, park with Diamond. “Today we operate a total of sixty-one locations from our local Bremerton Diamond Parking Office,” states Bob Duprie, City Manager, (continued)


Creating Value Through Business Partnerships

Trust between individuals, companies and organizations are at the core of creating
successful business partnerships in today’s competitive and rapidly changing economy.
Audrey Church, Diamond Parking’s Vice President of Business Development and National
Accounts, says that trust is essential for mutual creativity. “My clients trust that I will
uncover solutions that create long term sustainable advantages.” Audrey works closely
with landlords, property managers, developers and building owners to reveal parking
solutions that will achieve the goals for their assets as well as make a difference in their
communities. “I am an advocate for new kinds of thinking about partnerships that goes
beyond traditional models. It’s vital to strike a balance between sustaining profitability
while providing solutions for societal needs.” (continued)


Five Star Service

When you’ve been trained in the Four Seasons 5 star culture of hospitality, like Diamond’s
Cherish Tharpe, Salt Lake City’s General Manager of Airport Parking and Storage —
you can almost guarantee success in building dynamic business relationships, creating
customer loyalty and assembling a strong team.
“I have learned that lasting and meaningful business relationships are built through an
emotional contact,” states Cherish. “A warm and sincere greeting or learning a first
name, listening with interest and being eager to help, go a long way toward raising the
bar of customer service.” (continued)