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A Tale Of Two Cities

In this issue of Diamond Dialog, we take a closer look at two “gateway” cities that successfully combine city and airport parking along with storage.

Anchorage, Alaska is the entrance to thousands of miles of unexplored wilderness and unparalleled travel adventures. It is also home to Diamond Parking’s city and airport parking operations. Diamond started parking cars in Anchorage in 1974, the same year that construction began on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Investment in oil and gas exploration has long fueled the 49th state. The same is true today, says Anchorage City Manager Matt Samuel. “Anchorage is growing steadily with new people moving into the area. As a result, we continue to maintain a position of relative economic strength.” Matt notes that the 2011 census pegs the city’s population at approximately 295,600 not counting the occasional moose or elk that wanders into town. By 2014, according to the Anchorage Economic Development Corp., the population is expected to top 309,000. Matt says that Diamond’s parking operations are focused mostly in downtown. “It’s a compact center that’s easy to get around. Parking demand comes from a strong business sector, plus the presence of many Federal Agencies. This is supplemented by the leisure side with many popular restaurants and bars, a (continued)

Spokane, Washington is the gateway to the “Inland Empire.” It is the second largest city in the state with an estimated population of nearly 210,000. “Diamond Parking started city operations in 1968,” says Dan Geiger, Regional Vice President for Spokane, Coeur d’ Alene, and Sandpoint, Idaho and the Spokane Park N’ Jet.

“We are the premier parking company for the Inland Northwest region. We’ve expanded our operations to coincide with Spokane’s economic diversification from farms, and forests to encompass other industries including high tech and biotech sectors.”

Dan notes that Diamond’s portfolio is diverse. It includes managing twenty space surface parking lots all the way up to overseeing parking for the Spokane Convention Center and everything in between. Dan is especially excited about a voter-approved plan to expand the Convention Center that (continued)

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